NSR DEVELOPMENT   is a company that was created for a single purpose – to help each of us recognize and achieve our maximum individual potential.

We approach this ideal by creating and offering online courses via webinar and live group presentations that address fundamental human needs.  These needs concern communication skills, self-confidence, and self-respect.

NSR DEVELOPMENT – SENIORS   is the extension of this charge to residents in Assisted Living and Retirement Communities.  It’s direct message is that “You Still Matter!”  And while the relentless march of time may diminish our physical abilities and short-term memory, long-term memories most often remain intact.  Our programs focus on stimulating these memories, adding to them where possible, and engaging the mind to apply the knowledge it already has.

The result is that after each 60-minute session, residents feel better about themselves and their interactions with others.





The Creator, Presenter, and Discussion Leader for all NSR Development classes is Roger Koment, Ph.D. Roger Koment, Ph.D.

Dr. Koment began his professional career as a Pathogenic Virologist (one who studies disease-causing viruses) holding a faculty appointment as Professor and Research Scientist at a mid-Western medical school.  His research credentials are in human viral birth defects.

Having acquired an interest in medical curricula and professional development, he went on to create an international nonprofit association dedicated to addressing these topics.  Guiding the influence of this organization into the medical institutions of 54 countries provided him extraordinary opportunities for travel and invitations to consult with and advise educational leaders around the world.

Dr. Koment’s current efforts are now directed through NSR Development and involve spreading the message of achieving individual potential by both personal and professional development.

His initial experiences working with residents in Assisted Living included:

  •   three years leading a weekly “Engage Your Brain” discussion group – attendance averaging 20 residents per session.
  •   two years leading a weekly Men’s Discussion Group – attendance ranging from 7-14 men per session.
  •   one year conducting a monthly Nutrition Forum – attendance averaging 14 residents per session.

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Immerse yourself and your residents in a unique 60-minute experience such as the following:

Through our TRAVEL SERIES,

  • journey to exciting places like Cape Town, South Africa or Vienna, Austria to meet the people and explore their history and culture.


  • discover the origins of modern miracles like antibiotics and television.  And why alcohol is mankind’s oldest form of relaxation.


  • delve into the lives of well-known actors/actresses, American presidents, and thought leaders from around the world.


  • gain an understanding of current knowledge on autism and vaccination, mechanisms of stroke, and living with hepatitis C.


  • learn how our digestive system works, the consequences of empty calories, and trace the societal role of coffee and tea.

And lastly, through our GENERAL TOPICS,

  • explore your interests in Classical Opera, America’s First Ladies, remembering 1950’s TV shows, and much, much more.


The current list of Presentation Topics is available HERE and also by clicking on the PRESENTATION TOPICS block of the Home Page.




Statistics show that in the United States, fully 74% of residents in Assisted Living Communities are women!  As men, we generally tend to be “loners” and, more often than not, reluctant to mix with others.  This only exacerbates  feelings of isolation and being left out.

Such a situation creates the opportunity – and arguably the need – for activities that specifically engage men and their particular interests. 

At NSR Development, we offer an ever increasing number of discussion topics geared toward those interests.  They range from an analysis of our competitive nature through sports, to the history of the chastity belt!

The current list of Men’s Group Discussion Topics is available HERE and also by clicking on the MEN’S GROUP DISCUSSIONS block of the Home Page.



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